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    We need a Create Credit note option similar to the layout of Create Invoice so that an appropriate “Items & Services” line/s can be selected for the credit.

    In the case of a stock item the stock balance would be increased automatically rather than the Receptionist having to remember to adjust the stock level manually – not always probable in a busy Clinic.


    ClinicOffice does not go down to the level of allocating Payments/Credits against individual invoice lines.

    It may be that some accountancy software does this, but it would simply add another layer of complexity for users if they had to start allocating payments and credits not only against invoices but also against the individual lines in invoices.

    This isn’t something that we are currently planning to implement, although it may be possible to offer some sort of compromise by allowed the stock to be adjusted from the credit/refund screen.


    There is no need to try to allocate a Credit against Invoice Lines – in fact I do not understand the connection.

    The lines are required so that one can report on the lines selected in the same way as one does for Invoices. For example a credit for Vitamiin “X” would be a negative line in the Vitamin X Items & Services Report and one for an Appointment overcharge would be a negative in any Appointment report/s.

    In the case of allocations the Credit Note total is just another item to be allocated on the patient’s account together with the other Invoice/s, Refunds & Payment being allocated at the time – just as it is at present.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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