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    I’m having a problem customising the patient grid layout. What I would like to do is see details of the patient’s next appointment and I would also like to see a custom field that I have created

    In the patient record, I have added a field called “interested in” and this describes the service they have enquired about. If I want to see the “interested in” field, I need to go to the Grid Options, select “Show Column Customizer” and the custom field is present in the grid list (which I can then drag to a more prominent position) and save the view

    If I want to see when that patient’s next appointment is, I need to click on “Grid Options”, click the drop down list in “Data Source” so that “Next/Prev Appointments” is selected and then I can see when the next appointment for that patient is. Again, I can drag that to a more prominent position and I can save the layout.

    However, I can’t seem put the two together – I’d like to see both the “next appointment” and the “interested in” fields available for viewing in the same grid list.

    Thanks for your help


    At present there is no way of combining the two grid sources apart from in a report. If you have purchased COv4 and have joined the ClinicOffice Support Plan then we would be happy to happy to connect in remotely to do this for you – please give our Help Desk a call during office hours.


    thanks. I’ve just bought clinicoffice and so I’ve sent in my form to sign up for support. I’ll give you guys a call some time soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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