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    How to deal with deceased patients? I dont want to put them as inactive as I dont want to be able to put them on a list that will allow me to send them reactivation by accident – it could cause bad will between our clinic and the family.
    Perhaps a good option would be a to have deceased as an option under status in the patient record (active/inactive/deceased)
    Is this possible for the next build or is there a better way round?


    Hi – many thanks for your post. I understand that you do not want to set them as inactive so here is what you can do :-
    – Go to VIEW

    A new window will appear and on the left hand side you will see a list of categories. If you go to PATIENT STATUSES, you will see that you have two Patient Statuses defined: ACTIVE and INACTIVE.

    Right click anywhere in the white space and click NEW RECORD. You can now create a new status for “Deceased” patients.

    Hope this helps! :mrgreen:


    Just a quick follow-up to this…

    In the next update (1065) we’re adding a new tick-box field (called “Inactive”) to the Patient Status list. This means that you can create new Patient Statuses (e.g. “Deceased”, “No Longer a Patient”, “Discharged”, “Inactive” or whatever you want…) and tell ClinicOffice which statuses are considered “Active” and which are considered “Inactive”.

    This will allows ClinicOffice to filter out any ‘inactive’ records by default.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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