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    Issue 1
    OS Windows XP Pro (Home Computer)

    Got the prompt to upgrade to version 1055 on last opening CO2005 yesterday…Followed the the normal route and upgrade proceded as normal.

    Tonight opened CO2005 and was given a dialogue box with … The following error occured while trying to download:- 404 : returned http error code 404

    Program works fine if I click OK on the dialogue box so I suspect some sort of issue within the program serching for any upgrades…

    Issue 2
    OS Windows SBS 2003
    This AM tried to update my server… Downloaded the update and it fell over while attempting to install… (deleting the old clinicoffice.exe file) gave an error dialogue box saying that it couldn’t delete the file… no permission issues that I could find as yet but still looking at it…will copy the file and try deleting manually to see what happens..

    Rollback occured sucessfully to version 1054 which is now giving the above error as in issue 1

    Thursday 22:17 File can be deleted manually

    Many Thanks

    Colm 😕


    This morning I’ve got the same errormessage while updating the program:

    -404 returned http error code 404.



    Hi – we think this error was caused due to the fact that we’ve been moving to a new hosting company over the last couple of days. The move has now been completed so please can you let us know if you’re still experiencing the problem?



    It works fine now.

    thanks 😀


    I’m still getting problems on server 2003…
    (Sorted this by importing co1055.exe from update folder and running it on the server)

    2 other work machines also afftected…on opening the program gives me the error message detailed in previous post..
    (Will attempt the same procedure as above and reinstal the 1055 update and see if this clears the error..)

    Home machine fine now seems to be OK no error message being displayed on opening the program

    Many Thanks


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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