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    We have noticed that one of our practitioners is duplicated in the pick list for the working hours copy routine. We are not sure how to proceed to remove it.

    Practioner is “3 Helena Morewood-E4”

    We have checked the Staff Master List and the practioner does not appears only once, individual does not also appear as a Contact or a Patient.

    In the Diary when you show by Practioner she only appears once.

    It only seems to be an issue with the Working Hours Copy (screen shot attached)

    The Working Hours copy only works if you select one of the duplicates. It does not work with the other

    ESO Maidstone


    I noticed that Helena (the duplicated practicioner) was flagged as a Prractioner in both the Main Clinic and the MSK Clinic on the Working Hours Tabs.

    So I removed the tick box against the Working Hours Tab for the MSK Clinic.

    Nice idea but the duplicate is still there.


    Hi – we’re unable to reproduce this problem, however we did find that DELETED staff members weren’t being excluded from the list. This has been fixed for the next update.

    Please can you check whether you have a duplicate “Helena Morewood” in the Recycle Bin – in which case that will the reason she appears twice.


    Yes there is a Helena Morewood in the recycle bin

    Bug fix in the next update is fine

    Thanks for the help

    Tony Taylor


    Just to confirm this is now fixed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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