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    We have recently set up with BUPA and they have denied payment for all our invoices saying that they can only accept invoices posted via their electronic billing system. Is this something that Clinic Office can do / is planing to do in the future?

    On BUPA’s website it says the following:

    You can now send your bills electronically from most practice management software systems with no re-keying of information. Systems offering this feature include:


    To use this feature, please contact your practice management software supplier and ask to enable e-billing. Alternatively, contact Bupa Invoicing Standards Team on 0845 266 9683 * and we will help you get started. If your practice management software provider is not listed, please let us know so we can arrange e-billing with them.


    Thanks for your post.

    We are working on Healthcode Integration with ClinicOffice. The latest ETA for this is approximately 2-3 months from now.

    As far as we were aware, BUPA and other insurers was still in a transitional stage as regards switching over to e-billing, however ‘denying payment’ for these invoices right now sounds worrying – so any further information you have would be greatly appreciated by our development and management team – thanks again.

    Jacob Tovey



    Thanks for the reply.

    Here is the reply we received from BUPA having recently sent them a few invoices:


    I am writing to let you know that we recently received a paper copy of your invoice number 1106. Unfortunately, we are unable to process it for payment because it needs to be submitted electronically, as per your agreement with Bupa.
    We have made it as easy as possible for you to submit your invoices electronically. To find out about the many ways you can do this please visit
    Some software providers offer free e-billing options while others may charge for e-billing services. To find out more please visit:
    Discounts on practice management software
    We have negotiated discounts for Bupa recognised providers with the major suppliers of practice management software. A full list of the discounts on offer and how to apply for them is attached and can also be found at:
    If your current Bupa contract requires you to use Providers Online, please accept this email as a formal variation of your contract, allowing any of these methods listed at: in addition to Providers Online. Please do not send invoices to your Bupa patients, as this may put your Bupa recognition at risk.

    To help you get started, we will be offering weekly 30 minute online sessions that will take you through the various e-billing options, and explain in more detail how to use Providers Online and Bupa’s new e-billing facility. Please email to reserve a place.

    If you are unable to submit your bills to Bupa electronically for any reason, please contact us at

    Yours sincerely,

    Deborah Dickerson
    Provider Services Manager, Bupa


    Thanks for the info – v. much appreciated. I’ll pass it on to my Manager.

    Jacob T


    Hi – just a quick update to let you know that HEALTHCODE integration will be included in the next update (1083) which we’re working hard on. It should be available by the end of next month (October).

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