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    Does the email module works with imap accounts as well as pop accounts?


    At present, the Email Module only works with POP accounts.

    POP allows emails to be downloaded from the mail server and stored locally, whereas IMAP is more of an ‘online only’ protocol.

    ClinicOffice is a database application and the program design is therefore centred around accessing all data from the database, so it really needs to be able to download emails and store them in the database along with all the other data objects – hence the reason for POP rather than IMAP.

    Further, this allows it to cross-reference emails with contacts, patients and staff records for incredibly fast access. Using IMAP, this sort of functionality would probably not be possible. Even if we found a way to make it possible, it would most likely be unworkable – especially for multi-user clinics who could have several users simultaneously hammering the IMAP server and also using up all their internet bandwidth.

    For these reasons, at present ClinicOffice is deliberately designed to only work with POP servers. Most email services offer POP access – even those which are predominantly designed for online web access. For example, GoogleMail (GMail) and Hotmail can both be accessed via POP.

    Hope this helps to explain things!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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