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    Is it possible to copy invoices and reports and clinical notes etc into a word document so that they can be emailed insted of printing and posting them ?


    Hi Dee

    Thanks for the post. It certainly is possible to export your reports/clinical notes as a Word document. You can also export it as a PDF which might be preferential given the nature of your data.

    To export a report/invoice to a PDF document follow the steps below:

    – Generate the report/invoice
    – Click the Export To button (this is to the far right of the invoice ribbon bar)
    – The PDF Export Window will appear. Click the OK.
    – Select an area on your hard drive and click Save
    – Then click Yes to the next message if you wish to open the PDF document

    You can then attach this to an email. Alternatively you can click the Email As button instead (just below the Export To button). This is identical to exporting except that it adds the PDF directly to an email for you; this is assuming you have an email client such as Outlook.

    When you say Clinical Notes did you intend to send out just the individual session notes or the patient’s entire Clinical Summary? Either way you can export it as a PDF.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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