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    Hi Mat,

    Many thanks for the information on licence up-date, I have managed to do that now.

    The changes to the software; as I shortly explained during our conversation, following the patient’s registration on paper and answering questions about allergies, alcohol use and smoking, the doctors need to be able to see the information on the system straight away. It will need to stay there for all the time, every single time the patient comes in a future.

    The flags are one way of doing it but there also is a window called ‘Notes’ next to the patient records, where we can input some information when registering the patient for appointment. The doctor, when he first open the appointment, can see it straight away as well. Unfortunately, the notes are there for one occasion only and disappear when the patient comes on another occasion. The window is quite big and a perfect place for putting this sort of information. So, if you could just change it the way that it pops in back when registering the patient on another occasion. It would also be helpful if we could have an option of using different colours when writing the information.

    Kind regards and look forward to hearing from you,


    Hi phoenixmed,

    Thanks for your post.

    The notes section in the Patients record is intended to make permanent notes so I don’t understand how they are disappearing. Is this just happening on one computer or is everyone experiencing this problem? Have you tested it with all notes i.e. entered in some test notes, save and closed the patient record and checked again?

    Or are you meaining the notes section in an Appointment record? If that is the case then the notes will not appear on each Appointment as appointments are stored individually in the database so information is not automatically copied across. If you flagged the Patient record i.e. Allergic to Aspirin, then everytime someone creates an Appointment for that patient, the flag will alert you.

    There is no way to use different text colours, however I can submit this to our Wishlist for potential future implementation.

    Feel free to reply or post a new topic on here should you need anything else.


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