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    Thanks for making the address template file available for download.
    Is it possible to make this accesible from the patient record “print menu” rather then having to go into “reports and templates” and doing a search for the patient ?


    Hi Basil

    This is not so much a wishlist item, more a setting on your computer. Next time we are connected to your screen please ask us to sort this out and we will correct the links.


    for those of us who would like to try and solve the problem ourselves, would it be possible to give us a rough idea of what needs to be done to achieve this? Thanks a heap.


    To add this template to the PRINT button on the Patient Editor, please do the following :-

    – Go to Reports/Templates
    – Right click the report in question
    – Click Edit Source
    – Select the Source Data tab
    – In the Options box at the bottom, add a new line and copy and paste the following :-


    – Click OK

    You may need to log off and then log back on again and you should now see the template is included on the PRINT button drop-down.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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