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    When a payment has been allocated against an invoice, the invoice becomes “read-only”. To change or edit that invoice, you must first unallocate any payments that are allocated to the invoice.

    [1] Removing the allocated payments

      (a) Firstly, double-click on the invoice you wish to edit which will open it in the Invoice Editor
      (b) Notice the invoice status, which will say something like “Paid in Full” or “Part Paid” – click on this label.
      (c) A sub-menu will appear which lists any payments which are currently allocated to this invoice. Click on a payment in the list to open the Payment Editor for that payment record.
      (d) In the Payment Allocation section of the Payment Editor (at the bottom), notice that the screen shows you the invoices against which this payment is allocated. Simply untick the “Pay” tick-box at the far right. You will notice the Allocate figure next to the box turns to £0.00, meaning that this payment is no longer allocated against the invoice.
      (NOTE: This process does not delete the payment record or the invoice record, it simply removes the association between the two records).
      (e) Click the Save and Close button to the payment. A message will appear asking “Are you sure you want to leave this payment unallocated?”. Click Yes.

    You have now successfully un-allocated the payment from the invoice. If there was more than one payment against the invoice, then you will need to repeat steps (b) to (e) for each payment record which is associated with the invoice.

    Once you have un-allocated all the payments, you will then be able to change / edit the invoice.

    [2] Re-Allocating the payment(s) again

    After editing the invoice, simply click the Save and Close button. A message will appear saying something along the lines of “Mrs Smith has £x.xx of unallocated payments on their account. Would you like to allocate them against this invoice?”. Simply click YES to allow ClinicOffice to automatically re-allocate the payments to the invoice.

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