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    We quite often get calls/emails saying that a Patient or Contact has ‘gone missing’. Fortunately, 99% of the time this is down to something the user has done or is doing! #-o

    Here are a few things to work through before contacting us :-

      [1] Firstly, please check the Recycle Bin, as any deleted Contacts/Patients will go there. The Recycle Bin is located under the Main tab next to Reports & Templates.

      [2] If you’re searching for a patient/contact but can’t find them, PLEASE double-check that you are spelling their name correctly in the search. You wouldn’t believe how many calls we get claiming that a patient has “gone missing” only to find that the name was being spelled incorrectly! ](*,)

      [3] Try broadening your search criteria – for example search on the first couple of letters of their name rather than typing the full name e.g. rather than “Smith”, search for “Sm”.

      [4] It might be that a PATIENT has been incorrectly entered under the CONTACT database (or vice versa). Try checking both the Contact and Patient databases.

      [5] If you have multiple clinics in your database, please make sure you have selected the correct Active Clinic for the patient/contact that you’re looking for. Alternatively, at the top right of the Patient/Contact grid, click Grid Options and tick the box “Search all clinics”

    99% of the time, one of the above suggestions will help you to find the missing Patient/Contact. ClinicOffice actually has no mechanism to physically delete patient records (which is intentional). It can only ever put them in the Recycle Bin.

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