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    There are times when you may wish to update a value on multiple records at once. For example, you may wish to update a handful of patient’s default practitioner or maybe the status of multiple appointments on the same day. Opening up each record can be a nuisance particularly when you have a busy clinic. This is where the “Batch Update” feature comes into play. ClinicOffice allows you to perform a batch update on multiple records at once. It is available on the following grids: Appointments, Patients; Contacts, Invoices and Items & Services.

    Below is an example of how you can perform a batch update. In this example, we will be updating the patient’s clinic.

    [1] Go into the Patient section of ClinicOffice

    [2] Perform your search for the relevant patients

    [3] Left click on one records and press the Ctrl and keys both together

    [4] Right-click on one of the highlighted records

    [5] Go to the Batch Update and select Clinic

    [6] Tick the clinic you wish to assign them to and click OK

    [7] If you are sure that you have the correct appointments selected, click Yes

    [8] Then type YES to the next message and click OK

    The example above will be applicable to any of the other grids mentioned earlier. Of course, the batch update will only be able to update fields and values present in the relevant record. For example, Item & Services will not have the option of “clinic”, however, it will have a value like “sale cost” or “purchase cost”.

    In point [3] it mentions about using the CTRL and A keys, which will select all records. You can also use the CTRL key by itself by holding it down and left clicking with your mouse on the records you wish to update. This will highlight each record individually.

    You can also highlight just a block of records by using the SHIFT key. You just need to left click the first record and while holding down the SHIFT button left click on the last record you want to select.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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