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    Surprisingly, many users don’t seem to be aware of the SORTING and GROUPING functionality that is available in ClinicOffice.


    Whenever data is displayed in a GRID, you can sort records differently simply by clicking on a column headers.

    For example, go to the Patient Database. Now click once (with the left mouse button) on the “Date of Birth” column header. Notice that the records are now sorted by Date of Birth (in ascending order). You’ll notice that an up arrow appears on the column header to indicate that the data is being sorted on that column in ascending order.

    Click again on the “Date of Birth” column header and notice that the sort order is switched to descending (the little arrow in the header now points down to indicate this). Each time you click on a column header, the sort order is toggled between ascending/descending.

    Can I sort on MORE than one column?

    Yes. Let’s say we want to sort the patients by “Lastname” and then “Firstname” (which is the default for the Patient Grid). Here’s what to do :-

      – Click on the “Lastname” column header (to sort primarily on that column)
      – Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and…
      – Click on the “Firstname” column header (to place a secondary sort on that column)

    Using the above method you can place a primary sort on any column, and then hold down the SHIFT key to click other column headers to place a secondary, tertiary and er… what ever comes after tertiary… sort on any number of columns!


    Grouping is similar to sorting but it actually groups common records together.

    To see an example of this, go to the Patient Database. Firstly we need to make sure that the ‘Group By Box’ is visible. The Group By Box is an area directly above the column headers. Here’s what it looks like :-

    If the Group By Box is not visible then please do the following :-

      – Click on Grid Options (top right of the grid)
      – Click Toggle Group By Box

    You should now be able to see the Group By Box (as in the image above).

    Now to continue our example, please do the following :-

      – Put the mouse over the “Town / City” column header and click and hold the left mouse button
      – (Holding the mouse button) Drag the column header up into to the ‘Group By Box’ and release the button

    You will now see that the records are grouped together according to which “Town / City” the patient is from. The group headers can be ‘expanded’ or ‘collapsed’ by clicking on the little plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to the left of the groups.

    You can also perform multiple grouping by repeating the above steps and dragging another column header up to the Group By box. To remove grouping on a certain column, simply drag the column header from the Group By Box and drop it back among the other column headers on the grid.

    We recommend experimenting with this feature to see how useful it is and to see how to get the most out of it.

    Saving a Grid Layout

    Now that you have added some sorting and/or grouping to a grid, you may want to save the way it looks so that you can always get back to it later without having to manually add the sorting/grouping again.

    That’s what the Layouts are for. [Note: If the layouts list is not already displayed on the right hand side of the screen, then click the Grid Options button to display it.]

    To save the current layout, simply click the SAVE button underneath the Layout list. Enter a name for your layout and then click OK. You can now retrieve your saved grid layout at any time selecting it from the list.

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