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    Is it possible to display a full day in the Diary without having to scroll up and down? To some extent yes, but you can only do it so far depending on what time scale you have put it on. There are ways of giving yourself a larger viewing area of the diary:-

    1] Looking at your desktop background, right-click in any blank space. On XP and Vista it’s “Properties”, and Windows 7 it’s “Screen Resolution”. Check that your Screen resolution is on it’s Native setting for the monitor.

    2] Make sure ClinicOffice is fully Maximized by clicking the Square in the top right corner of the window next to the “X”.

    3] You can Minimize the “Ribbon Bar” by Right-Clicking one of the Four tabs, e.g. “Tools” and a sub-menu will appear. Then click “Minimize the Ribbon”. This will shrink back the “Ribbon Bar”.

    4] Right-click the “Time Ruler”, left of the Diary. A sub-menu will appear and second from top is option “Zoom Out“. Make sure you are fully zoomed out.

    5] Click “Diary Options” in the top right corner of the Diary. Under the “Visual Settings” tab, at the bottom of the window, Un-Tick “Show Staff Portraits”. While you are there have the “Only Display From” times set to how you want it.

    If you’ve done the last 5 options but still can’t get the whole day to display on the screen, then you might be resorted to changing the time scale. Right-click the “Time Ruler” and select a larger time scale. I found the lowest I could go was 20min. Obviously it will differ depending on monitor size, with larger screens being able to handle more.

    Hope this proves helpful.

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