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    If you wish to synchronize your ClinicOffice diary with a different Google Calendar account, or if someone has already done so and the links between ClinicOffice and Google Calendar are now invalid, then you’ll need to completely reset the synchronization.

    Go to the Google Calendar Sync screen and click the ‘More Options’ link at the bottom (shown below)…

    You now need to decide on one of the following options :-

    [OPTION 1] If you wish to keep your ClinicOffice appointments AND all your the Google Calendar events :-

    (i) Click RESET all links in ClinicOffice
    (ii) Click RESET all links in GOOGLE calendar
    This removes all the references (i.e. ‘links’) between ClinicOffice and Google from both your ClinicOffice database AND your Google Calendar.

    If you now perform a sync operation on the same Google Calendar, all appointments in ClinicOffice will be replicated over to Google, and all appointments in Google will be replicated back to ClinicOffice.

    This option is useful if you want to start synchronizing your ClinicOffice diary with a different Google Calendar (but you want to keep the appointments in both systems) however, if there were already records in both systems for the same appointment, then it will result in duplications.

    [OPTION 2] If you want to completely clear out your Google Calendar so that you can perform a totally fresh re-sync with ClinicOffice, then click DELETE all events in GOOGLE calendar.

    Warning: this will delete all calendar events from Google Calendar – only do this if you’re absolutely sure!

    After clearing out the Google Calendar, perform a synchronization operation with ClinicOffice and then the two systems (ClinicOffice and your Google Calendar) will be back in sync.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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