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    By default the Invoice or Payment Receipt reports are set to A4 size. If though you wish to print off a different template size, such as an A5 Receipt or you have a printer that uses a different paper size, you will need to change the templates default paper size. To do this please follow the steps below.

    [1] Towards the top left of the report is a small arrow (please see above image), please click on this
    [2] A menu will appear and on this menu there is a field called Measure Units select Tenths of a Millimetre
    [3] On the right hand side is the Property Grid panel. To organize the fields alphabetically click the A to Z button.
    [4] Locate the Paper Kindfield and click on the drop down menu
    [If you cannot locate this field please repeat the first point mentioned above]
    [5] Select the Paper Kind that you want
    [6] The report size will now change. You may need reposition your fields accordingly.
    [7] If non of the paper kinds match what you want you can predefine your own by using the Page Height and Page Width fields. Once you enter in your measurements again your paper size will change to reflect this.
    [8] Once you have made the needed adjustments to the report, please remember to click the Save button

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