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    When you insert a date based merge field into a letter template, by default it will use the United States date formatting. If you need to change this please see the steps below.

    [1] Go to the Reports and Templates section of ClinicOffice
    [2] Right click on the letter template you use and select EDIT TEMPLATE
    [3] Find the merge field for the date field (i.e. DOB)
    [4] At the top, select the DATA MERGE tab
    [5] Click SHOW FIELD CODES
    [6] You should see something like this – {MERGEFIELD dob}
    [7] You need to change it to this – {MERGEFIELD dob \@ “dd/MM/yyyy”}
    (You can copy and paste this in over the existing one if you prefer)
    [8] Once done, click the HOME tab at the top and SAVE TEMPLATE
    [9] You should now be able to see the DOB in UK format.


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