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    Most grids within ClinicOffice have the feature to allow you to create charts. The chart reflects data currently being displayed on the grid that you are running it from. As an example if you are running a payment list report on payments from last year and run a chart reflecting payment totals by month, each month will be from the totals from last year. If you then search on this year the months will reflect this year’s total.

    To create a chart, please follow the steps below.

    1) Go to a grid in ClinicOffice such as the invoices or one of the grid based reports

    2) Click the Charts button (next to the Grid Options button)

    3) Select New Chart
    [The chart along with the Chart Designer window will appear]

    4) Give the chart a name by typing into the Header Title field

    5) The Plot this value field represents the Y axis on the report. By default it will be set to -Record Count- but you can change this.

    6) If you do change the plot value to a numerical variable then an operation field appears. This allows you to specify if you want the SUM, AVG, MIN or MAX value to be displayed.

    7) You can now set the X axis variable by specifying it in the Against this field

    8) If the variable you assign in the “Against this field” is a date/time variable, a group by field will appear which will allow you to specify to display the data based on either a day, week, month or year.

    9) The last field under the “Chart Data” section is Create series for which acts like the Z axis

    10) You can now select the Chart Type i.e. Bar, Pie or Line etc.

    11) Click the Recommended Settings button

    12) Click the Apply button

    13) If you are happy with the results click the Close button on the Chart Designer

    14) On the actual chart, right click on it and select Save Chart

    Once you have saved the chart you will then be able to access it from the Charts button in the future. The name of the chart will be whatever you specified in Header Title field.

    Within the Chart Designer window you may have noticed the “Chart Properties” area. This section allows you to delve deeper into the settings such as labels positions and the format of the labels. This is generally reserved for more advance users; however you are more than welcome experiment with it.

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