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    To allow for a new person to be able to login to ClinicOffice using their own username and password, the user will have to be created as a staff member and assigned a username and password to log in with. The steps below explain how to do this. It is better if you do this from a supervisors/administrators account within ClinicOffice so that you can assign the access rights as well.

    1. Go to the Staff Members section of ClinicOffice
    2. Click the New button (towards the top left of the grid)
    3. Enter the details for the staff member (lastname is a requirement)
    4. You can enter a username on the “Username” field
    5. If the staff member should also appear in the diary as a practitioner tick the “Staff Member is a Practitioner
    6. Again if the staff member is a practitioner, go to the Working Hours tab and mark the clinic they are working at and assign their working hours
    7. For all members of staff go to the Access Rights tab
    8. By default the member of staff will be assigned to “Default Access” you can either assign them to another access group you have created or select “Use Custom Access Rights” and choose the level of access you wish to grant them
    9. If you wish to assign a password for them, click the Set Password button (top right of the Access Rights) and enter a password there

    The new member of staff will now be able to log in using the username and password you have assigned. If you have not assigned a password for them, they can set this themselves by logging in with just the username, going to the View menu and clicking the button Change My Password.

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