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    *** UPDATED May 2022 ***

    Having an anti-virus program installed on your computers is essential in this day and age. However, anti-virus programs can cause issues for database applications like ClinicOffice. The difficulty for us is that whenever antivirus gets updated (which happens frequently) there is a risk that the change will cause problems with ClinicOffice. We have even had cases where 2 different Clinics have had the same anti-virus installed, yet one has seen issues while the other had no problems at all.

    With this in mind, we would encourage all ClinicOffice users to do their own research before making a decision. In many cases, free software can be as good as paid software when it comes to raw detection rates. If you decide you’d like some of the paid features on offer though, then most reputable anti-virus software companies will allow trial periods before purchasing so that you can test it within your environment.


    More Information

    Q. What do you recommend?

    Our hosted platform utilises data centre grade security software, which is not necessary for the majority of users, but many of our staff are happy with Windows Defender for their personal computers. Whilst it doesn’t rank the absolute highest for detection rates, it’s almost completely unintrusive, and as long as you keep your PC up to date then we have found it to be a solid option.

    To further help we have popped a couple of links below to help in your research.

    There is also one to avoid in our experience where possible, and that’s McAfee. Not just because of the frequency of issues we have with it and ClinicOffice, but also because it appears to be very resource intensive, slowing down the day to day operation of most computers on which it’s installed.

    ClinicOffice users install all sorts of different anti-virus programs (many of which we have not mentioned) and run without any problems. However, if your anti-virus software is configured to scan EVERY FILE on your system, then this will slow down any application including ClinicOffice; your virus scanner will be continually scanning and locking down ClinicOffice database files every time they are accessed.

    To avoid affecting performance, we always recommend that irrespective of which anti-virus software you use, you should EXCLUDE your ClinicOffice database from being scanned. These are :-

    – Your ClinicOffice database folder :-


      • and

    all subfolders

    – Your ClinicOffice program folder which will be something like :-

    “C:Program Files (x86)Pioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v5”

    If you’re running the ClinicOffice Server Edition then you should also exclude your PGSQL folder from being scanned – by default this is C:PGSQL.

    (Please refer to your anti-virus documentation for information on how to configure exclusions.)


    As an update to the last post, some users have reported that the latest McAfee Internet Security 2010 seems to block Windows File Sharing. This means that if you’re using ClinicOffice v4 Professional Edition and you’re sharing your database across a network, then other computers may be unable to access it because McAfee is blocking them.

    If you experience this problem then please consult your McAfee Internet Security 2010 User Guide to see how to stop it from blocking Windows File Sharing.


    I am using Vipre which is a newer gen type software – pretty good – quicker than the others…


    Thanks for the suggestion about “Vipre”. Unfortunately there seems to be no free downloadable trial version so we’re unable to test it with COv4 to pass comment.


    Hi – i think there is something wrong with the way the forum automatically sends me info when replies come in – i manually find this one!

    Vipre can be downloaded and tried for free for 30 days – just not that obvious…

    i have a version which is about $50 which lets you have as many computers from the one site covered which is pretty cheap considering i have 6 computers at work and 5 at home!! So for USD$100 i get 11 or more computers covered…

    A computer nerd at the uni where i did my masters put me onto it – he did all the research 🙂


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