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    During the installation process, the ClinicOffice installer asks you for a LOCAL DATA FOLDER. This is the location where ClinicOffice will store settings and information which are specific to this computer.

    Unless you changed this folder, the default for COv5 is: C:COv5_Data
    The default for COv4 is: C:COv4_Data

    If you’re trying to run ClinicOffice under a restricted (or ‘limited’) Windows User Account, it may be that you do not have full permission to access this folder, which in turn means that ClinicOffice won’t be able to run.

    Here are some instructions on how to grant full access to the ClinicOffice Data Folder.

      1. Make sure you are logged on to the computer as an Administrator (not a restricted user)
      2. Using Windows Explorer (i.e. My Computer), locate the data folder
      3. Right click on the folder, then click Properties
      4. Click the Security Tab
      5. Under the ‘Group or User Names’ section, click the Add button
      6. In the next window, type “Everyone” (without the quotes), click Check Names (the word “Everyone” should now be underlined) and then click OK
      7. In the ‘Group or User Names’ list, select ‘Everyone’
      8. In the ‘Permissions for Everyone’ box tick the Allow Full Control box
      9. Click Apply and OK

    Once you have completed the above steps, ClinicOffice will be able to correctly its data folder even on restricted user accounts.

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