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    Hi there,

    I am looking to purchase, what appears to be really good piece of software for my small practice (best thing out on the market that is not based for the american market! and is not extorntionate).

    I have looked at the trial version, but before I take the leap and purchase the software I was wondering if there was a report/template to enable me to do my year end reporting i.e. profit and loss statement for the tax man (i.e. income and expenditure for the year between). Whilst nice if it could do it in addition, I do not really need balance sheet and cash flow statements.

    It would appear from what I can see from what is input into the system (income/expenditure/stock) that a P&L statement could be generated, but not being a programmer or used to writing reports I wondered if there was one that had been done already, save re-inventing the wheel, so to speak. This would be really handy if it did and definately would push me into buying the software as I am currently running several different software packages and CO4 seems to do the whole lot aside from the ‘out of the box’ financial year end reports.

    Look forward to any constructive comments.


    Thanks for your post Jason.

    While ClinicOffice does handle patient account management (i.e. invoicing, payments, credit notes & refunds) it does not handle outgoing clinic expenditure and account ledgers etc. which would be required for a Profit & Loss report.

    This is a deliberate design decision on our part because ClinicOffice is specifcally a Clinic Management program, not an Accountancy program and we really don’t have any intention of trying to compete with the likes of SAGE or QuickBooks etc.

    Rather, ClinicOffice can happily run alongside your favourite Accountancy software. For example, many of our customers use ClinicOffice to track their patient accounts and clinic revenue, and then simply run one of the Invoice reports or one of the Payment reports (depending on whether they choose accrual based or cash based accounting) at the end of the day (or week, or month) and then enter a simple “income” figure into their accountancy software.

    This method allows ClinicOffice to do what it does best i.e. to help with the management and organisation of your clinic, while allowing your accountancy software to handle your tax & accountancy needs.

    I hope this explanation makes sense – please let us know if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to help!


    There are many problems with importing this data into sage. One arises from the fact that invoices and therefore payments cannot be split or allocated against income categories.

    In our clinic we have associates, whose income we need to track so we issue an invoice and track that income for that practitioner. If, however, that patient also buys one of our products (vitamins etc) which belong to the clinic and that is laced on the same invoice, there does not seem to be any way to avoid allocating the entire amount as a treatment fee (which the associate will then get a percentage of).

    AM I missing something>

    Simon King


    There are already some reports which may help you. Please take a look at :-
    – Invoiced Items & Services by Staff (Detailed)
    – Invoiced Items & Services by Staff (Summary)
    – Payment to Staff Allocation
    – Payments for Items & Services by Staff (Detailed)
    – Payments for Items & Services by Staff (Summary)

    If you feel that these reports don’t help you then please contact our support team with a detailed mockup of exactly what it is that you need and we’ll be happy to assist by designing the report for you. Please note that there is a charge for custom report designing, but customers on the ClinicOffice Support Plan get a 50% discount.

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