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    Something else to add to the list….(if not already possible!!)

    In the diary view being able to see patient flags would be very useful. Some kind of flag icon that on mouse over gave you a brife viewing of that patients “flag event”

    What do you think??



    We had already given that some thought and we’ve got some excellent ideas to enhance the flagging feature in ClinicOffice, which will include the possibility of being able to flag appointments.

    You’ll probably have to hold on for ClinicOffice 2006 though. In fact, it might be worth mentioning that we’ve got so many excellent ideas in the pipeline, that we’re probably going to skip 2006 and release ClinicOffice 2007 right at the start of 2007 instead. 😯


    What would be really helpful is an icon like the invoice pound sign on appointments for clients needing appointment reminders. You could have the client permanently flagged as needing a reminder so that every time you make an appointment the icon automatically appears on their appointment.

    We try to keep our task list updated with reminders for us to remind the clients but an little icon eg a little bell to signify an alarm would be a great visual reminder against each client. That way you could simply look over the next day’s shift or the current shift and see at a glance who needs a reminder. You could have it with a “1” on the bell if they need a reminder the day before or a “0” on the bell for those wanting a reminder on the day.



    What would be even better is if clinic office can send the text automatically to the patient. Instead of having to manually look at the next days shift and send those that want reminders all separately, perhaps there could be an automatic reminder 24 hours before the appointment which could be ticked when actually pre-booking that appointment. This way it is all automated.


    Good suggestion – automated sms text messaging is now on the list.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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