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    Love the ability to flag patients =D> . This really helps the front desk with admin tasks. Currently, any flag alerts are shown when you open the patient record or invoice the patient. Is there anyway you can also display flag alert when the patient status is altered. We change the status when the patient arrives, so we could be made aware of any flags at the time they arrive rather than at the end of the visit when the patient leaves… ❓ Hopefully this would not be too difficult to implement at the next upgrade [-o<


    Hi Peter – there are two possibilities that might help :-

    [1] Turn on Flags/Alerts in the diary (if they’re not already one) by clicking “DIARY OPTIONS | Visual Settings” then look at options :-
    – “Indicate related alerts of type”
    – “Indicate related flags of type”
    These two options will show flags and alerts on the actual appointments in the diary which shows the admin staff visually that there is an alert or flag on the record.

    [2] The second possibility is that this could be accomplished if you have the Scripting Module and our developers could write a script for you. Please contact us via email if you’d like us to provide a quote for this.

    Many thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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