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    I have just purchased your form designer module and when I initially clicked on the Clinical form designer , a window came up as shown in the user guide but minus the Sample Case History or Template as shown on page 93 . How can I access these to base my design on ?
    After trying a few times I now find that when I click on the Clinical Form manager it comes up only as a ribbon saying Clinical form manager and none of the buttons for Design New etc buttons
    How can I get this back again ?


    Hi Dee – the “Sample Case History” form is provided as part of the Sample Database.

    We tend to recommend creating your own forms from scratch, but if you want to use the Sample Case History form then you need to log on to the Sample Database (username: jsmith, no password), go to the Form Designer and EXPORT the Sample Case History form (this allows you to save the form as a file).

    Then log back on to your database, go to the Form Designer and choose to IMPORT the previously exported file.

    Hope this helps!


    Thank you I have now managed to design the form and export it into my normal database by using my add on computer. I was unable to do so on the main computer because as mentioned in my previous query- the window for the Clinical form manager reduced in height every time I opened it and it is now a single tab saying Clinical form manager and nothing else. I can no longer open it at all !
    This has now happened on my add on computer as well !
    So 2 questions
    1.How do I resize it so I have access to all the tabs again ?
    2. I have exported the new clinical form. But how do I import it into my Clinical notes ? There is no Import button ?


    Aahh I have just worked it out I need to attach it not import it
    But I still cannot open up the form designer any more ??????????


    Hi Dee

    Thanks for posting more information, although I am not to sure if I follow. When you say you cannot see anything in the clinical form manager or you cannot open the form designer is it a case that the window is too small? If so you can hover your mouse over the edge of the window and resize it.

    Alternatively do you mean that the fields are too squashed to see anything? If this is the case it might be an idea to go back to the form designer, selecting your form and clicking the Design button. Once in there select the field(s) and drag them into the Hidden Items window. You can then drag them back out and re-position them. Make sure you save the design.

    If it is neither of these, would it be possible to provide us with a screenshot of your problem?


    Thank you for your reply
    When I open up the clinical form manager, the window that opens up has reduced to to the topline only (containing the X close sign ) There is no border below it so I cannot resize it down or in fact in any direction. This means I cannot click on any of the tabs that are normally below it ie: Design, New, Copy, Rename etc or on the Sample Case History or the form I have already designed, in order to make changes.
    I have not managed to work out how to paste a screen shot into this reply


    Hi Dee – thanks for explaining in more detail. We’ve spotted what might cause this problem and we’ve issued a “HOTFIX” for it in the latest update (build 1068).

    All you need to do is re-download and install the update again which you can do from here :-

    Apologies for any inconvenience!

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