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    The true/false field tick boxes are all ticked by default.

    Can we have all the boxes empty by default so that I wouldn’t need to untick all the boxes first before completing a questionnaire with a patient.


    We can’t reproduce this problem here I’m afraid. The checkboxes show up in an ‘undefined’ state – perhaps you’re confusing this with a tick?

    Basically, the form checkboxes have 3 states – checked (with a tick), unchecked (empty) and undefined (a square).

    All question types are undefined by default, which means no answer has been given. This is required for Yes/No answers because if you’re performing a search on the form answers, the system needs to be able to distinguish between a definite NO answer and an undefined answer.

    Hope this clears things up.


    yes sorry my mistake!



    I have attached an example of wot happens when I print a copy of a form I have designed usig true/false fields.

    In the undefined state, the box actually has a grey/shadowed tick in the box.

    And when I go and print the form even tho it is undefined it still prints a little tick in the box. Wot sometimes happens is I send a printed blank form out to a patient to bring it with them. I would prefer to be able to print without the actual grey ticks within the box. I have attached a copy of a print out of the form for ur reference.



    Hi Support,

    Have U had a chance to review the problem I had with the form designer (see my last post) ?


    We’ve been unable to reproduce the problem that you describe. I have emailed you a screen shot of the Form Print Preview, and also the resulting printout (printed to a PDF document) which shows the check boxes without ticks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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