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    Paul Frishert

    How can I create a working Layout report for Clinical notes? The problem is not the lay-out as well as the source.
    I now have the following SQL created:
    SQL Source

    select, sess.notes4,

    (patientper.firstname||' ' || (case when (patientper.middlename is not null and patientper.middlename <> '')
    then cast(patientper.middlename || ' ' as varchar(100)) else cast('' as varchar(100)) end)||patientper.lastname) as naam, patientper.lastname, patientper.address1,
    patientper.postcode, patientper.towncity,
    patientper.dob, cast(patientper.dob as DATE) as geboorte,

    patientper.code as patientcode

    from per as patientper
    left join sess on (

    SQL Source 2

    SQL options


    When I am in the Report designer I get result, but when I am in Clinical notes and select one session I don’t get a result for this report.
    So I want to use this new Layout Report (via the button Print) in Clinical Notes and create a report which prints all that is in the field sess.notes4.
    Please advise.


    Thanks for your post. In the SQL options, please change the following two lines as follows :-

    frmEditorCas=id|cas_id  ->   CaseReport=sess.cas_id
    frmEditorSess=id|id ->

    Please let us know if this fixes the problem.

    Paul Frishert

    This doesn’t help at the moment, because when I try to open the form, even in the editor, I get the error message:
    “patientper_id not found in frmSearch rows”.
    I can email the error message. Should I do that?


    I notice that you’re on our Support Plan. Please can you call our helpdesk on 0845 388 6705 and one of our technicians will be able to connect in remotely to see what’s causing the problem.

    Many thanks.

    Paul Frishert

    What I haven’t mentioned, is that the above worked after all.
    So, thanks a lot.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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