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    I’ve been playing with your trial version a bit.I am opening a new clinic in 5 months and am trying to ensure I have a good clinic software solution in place before then.

    I like your documents and clinic note features, and the overall layout of your program.

    There are certain things I would like to see, but am unable to get your program to do. Unsure if it is just me or a limitation of the software. They are as follows:

    1. I need to be able to generate a report that shows me how much each provider has billed during a set period of time, how much has been paid, and how much is outstanding. I need to be able to get a summary screen with these numbers that does not have any client specific info on it, just the raw numbers, and a second report that would list all the clients who had any financial activity in a set period i.e. either an invoice genreated or a payment received, or both of course.

    2. Is there an audit trail – i.e. can i go back through a log af all interactions that occurred in the system over a set period of time?

    3. Can I generate a report that groups clients by subset i.e a group of all of one insurance type, and then averages out their file costs, and then get it to break it down again by provider?

    4. Can I set each providers earnings a a percentage of what they have billed, and bring this up as part of my report in question number one (this feature is an easy manual calculation but if it was built into the report it would be nice)?

    Thanks, and I will keep playing with the software to see if I can adapt it for my needs.




    Hi – thanks for your enquiry. To answer your questions one at a time…

    [1] You could simply look at the Invoice screen, group it by Practitioner and then collapse the detail. This would provide you with a simple summary showing the amounts invoiced for each person, how much is paid and how much is outstanding. The same could also accomplished via the Invoice List report.

    If you wanted a different format, then we could easily design a custom report for you for a small cost.

    [2] Every record in ClinicOffice is time/date stamped to show who created it and when, and who last updated it and when. Clincal Notes can also be date/time stamped. There isn’t a dedicated audit trail which shows EVERYTHING that has been done, but a full audit trail is under consideration to be implemented in the SERVER edition.

    [3] Yes – that would would be a custom report which we would design for you. If you understand SQL and familiarize yourself with our report designer then you can do it yourself, but it’s usually far more time-efficient to allow our technicians to do it for you.

    [4] There is no field in the Staff Editor which allows for customised percentage calculations. Once again that could be easily accomplished via a custom report.

    Hope this helps to answer your questions – please let us know if we can help further.


    Thank you so much for the quick reply! Question 1 was the big one and that is easy to do. thanks!

    my next questions:

    1. Is there a way to generate a list of all clients of a certain type i.e. private pay or specific insurance, who have an outstanding invoice, and then batch print an invoice to send to each of them?

    2. Is the program compatible with 64 bit win xP and win Vista? Are there performance gains to be had from either of the 64-bit operating systems at this time?

    3. With Windows 7 coming out this fall, assuming it is as good as early reprots indicate, I will likely migrate my ssytems from xp pro 32 to 64 bit win 7. (once all the software is certifed for the new operating system, of course). Will there be any major issues with client licenses when I do this? I know you can not predict database issues until you run tests yourselves, but assuming i have to do full re-installs of the OS will I be able to get a new client license free (as the number of computers i am using will not change) or will my old one continue to work?

    4. As I experiment with the trial version, can I set up a new database with all the reports I will want and templates I will want, get it working well, and assumingI decide to buy the sfotware, transfer this information into my actual database? Or continue using the one I set up in the trial as my actual database?

    5. If I start with the professional edition ( I already have over 300 clients myself that will likely follow me) will it be easy to upgrade to the server version in the future if needed?

    and thanks again!!



    Hi Jason,

    [1] Yes – that can easily be done from the Reports & Templates area of the program by running off an Invoice print. You simply set the criteria for the print run (i.e. Patient Category is ‘Private’ and Outstanding Amount > £0) and it will print them all out in one go.

    [2] Yes and yes. ClinicOffice v4 is written using the .NET framework which means the application gets re-compiled at run-time for the processor you are using (i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit) so that it makes full use of the hardware available.

    [3] Because COv4 uses the .NET framework and is coded to Microsoft’s developer standards, it will immediately be 100% compatible with Windows 7. You can easily transfer a license between computers (or operating systems) – just give us a call when you want to transfer the license (or re-license the same computer) and we’ll be happy to help out.

    [4] Yes, the TRIAL version is actually the full version but with some limitations. When you purchase the full version we simply give you a code which unlocks the full functionality and then you can continue with the same database.

    [5] Yes it’s very easy. We have a simple utility which converts the file-based data (from the PRO edition) and scales it up to a PGSQL client/server database engine which the SERVER edition uses.

    Thanks for your enquiries – look forward to hearing from you soon!


    So far so good. Setting up my database to se if i can do all i need to. few questions :).

    1. Field dependencies – -when I am in design mode in the patient data entry area, I would like to set up a billing box – an area that reads the type of billing from the patients file and automatically enters the proper billng data into the fields – either the patients own data, or insurance company data. basically i need to mae the invoicing address dependant on the patient type field. can this be done?=couldn’t find a field type that could change its value based on another field i.e. be dependant on another field.
    2. Different billings for different injuries – i can see that under a client i can have multiple case records – but can I have each case record have a different billing direction i.e maybe they sprained their ankle in sports and pay their own way, then a year later have a car accident, then a year later a work accident – and heck lets say they overlap a bit – or should i just set up three files for the same person, each with their billing type, and then appropriate case records of that billing type under those files (this is fine to do it this way since i can sort based on patient insurer/payer)
    3.if i need to have three files for a complex client like those listed above – is there a way to copy a client file without copying the previosu clinical note – just the demographic information really – and then change my payer and client type?




    >> 1. Field dependencies… can this be done? …couldn’t find a
    >> field type that could change its value based on another field
    >> i.e. be dependant on another field.

    Currently this is not possible without us customising the system for you (which we are happy to do). However we’re looking at adding end-user scripting functionality to COv4 which will allow you to extend functionality based on events. For example, there will be a “BeforePatientSaved” event which will allow you to enter some code yourself (or we can help you) to populate one field with the value of another.

    >> 2. Different billings…

    Billing is not tied to Cases. Invoices are raised independently of how many cases are currently open. Invoices can be generated from appointments and default costs can be entered for different Appointment Types. You are free to open/close Clinical Cases as you wish. Some customers only open one case per patient, others open a new case per “treatment episode”, other (esp multi-disciplinary clinics) open different cases based on the type of treatment being given. The system is deliberately flexible to allow all of the above.

    >> 3. is there a way to copy a client file…

    There is a COPY PATIENT on the patient editor.

    Kind Regards,



    I was browsing the forum and saw that you are thinking of implementing events (or making them user accessible as they must be there already..) I have a need to perform a calculation on some of my custom fields and update a field with the answer. Is this possible now or will it come with the development mentioned in the previous post? I have the server edition.


    Steve Crook
    Odstock Medical


    Hi Steven

    We are indeed looking at implimenting an event scripting system, but unfortunately it has had to take a back seat as we have been snowed under with development plus we have recently moved offices which always takes time!!

    We still want to impliment the scripting and anticipate it to be within a few months.

    I hope this helps.


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