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    Is it possible to add another box to the medical field in the patients record so i can input a GP’s name and use the current system to apply a GP clinic details?
    This would avoid me having to duplicate all the Gp clinic details for each named GP at every clinic, and would speed my ability to log details in front of clients, as if their current named GP is not in my contacts, i have to take all the details again.


    Hi Robin

    Thanks for the post. Within the medical section of the patient’s record there already is a General Practitioner field which can be used to insert the GP’s name. If you are already using this field and need to add an extra one please follow the steps below:

    – Go to the patient’s medical section (could be any patient)
    – Click on the Design tab (located to the top of the patient’s screen
    – Click the Enter Design Mode button
    – Select the area you wish to insert the field in the patient editor
    – Press the Add Field button and select Patient/Contact Lookup
    – Give the field a name and Press OK. Note the Field Name is a required field by ClinicOffice and any spaces should be represented by an underscore. The display name is what you will see after you leave the design mode.
    – Press the Save Design button and then you can press the Leave Design Mode to return to normal mode

    With either the current General Practitioner field or the newly created patient/contact lookup field you can search for the GP’s record. At least this way you would avoid creating multiple records for the same GP. You can view the GP’s details by double clicking on the name once it has been inserted into the field.


    Thanks William, i’ll give that a try at lunch when we can all log off!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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