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    By mistake, I opted to open the online tutorial and the user guide (pdf files) in ms word. When I opened the texts, they are in unreadable format in ms word. I am unable to change the application to adobe reader in which the texts should be read. I need help in this regard


    Thanks for the post. It sounds like you’ve accidentally changed the file associations for .PDF files. It’s just a case of fixing the file association.

    [1] Go to the original .PDF file location, which by default should be C:Program FilesPioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v4COv4_Userguide.pdf

    [2] Right-click the .PDF Userguide file, a sub-menu will appear. Then left-click the bottom option “Properties”.

    [3] Under the “General” tab, down the left-hand side will be a title “Opens with”. Along the same row should be a button called “Change”, left-click that button.

    [4] A new window will open up, which allows you to change the file association back to something like Adobe Reader.

    Another alternative is to re-install Adobe Reader which is completely free. You can downlaod it from here,

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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