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    Me again,……get it all out while I am at it!

    a lot of patients want to rebook for ‘the same time’ next week or next month,….or next thursday… get the idea……

    I click on their appiontment, select copy, and in XP it used to remember the time and highlight the slot on whatever day I jump to. So if I had just copied a 10 o clock appointment, the 10 o clock slot would be selected already upon whatever day I jump to,……thus saving the receptionist having to remember what time the patients appointment was at.

    It sounds benign,…..but it is actually something which in its absence now buggs me and all our receptionists every time we find ourselves flicking back again through the diary to find out what time their appointment actually was before we can book them in again.

    Can we get V4 to do it?



    That’s a good suggestion. We’ve put the question to the company who provide the Diary component used in ClinicOffice. Hopefully they will implement the request in due course and then it will be added in an upcoming ClinicOffice v4 update.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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