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    Firstly, you need to have downloaded (or been emailed) a ClinicOffice Report file.

    Usually these are downloaded as a .ZIP archive so you will need to extract the actual report file from the ZIP archive. Once you’ve done that, you will see that the report file is called something like “My_Report.COv5_Report” (or “My_Report.COv4_Report” for COv4).

    Now that you have your “COv5_Report” file, simply follow these instructions to import it into your ClinicOffice database :-

    [1] Launch ClinicOffice and logon to your database
    [2] Go to Reports & Templates
    [3] Click the “Import Reports” button and select the report file(s) you wish to import

    (Please note : If you already have a report in your database with the same name, you will be asked what to do. Unless you are SURE that you want to overwrite your existing report, we recommend selecting the Rename the Imported Report option.)

    Q. I have accidentally deleted or messed up one of the standard reports – what can I do?

    Please click here to download the original ClinicOffice v5 reports. After downloading the reports you need, simply follow the above instructions to install them to your database.

    Q. What if I have accidentally deleted, overwritten or messed up a custom report that I wanted to keep?

    Hopefully you have been taking regular backups of your database?! :-k Reports are actually stored in your database, so restoring from a backup will also restore your reports.

    Q. I can’t seem to find the report that I need – what can I do?

    Please post a new topic in this forum with a detailed description of the report that you want. If it is pretty ‘generic’ and we deem that it will be useful to other users, then we’ll do it for you without charge and post it here. If it’s a more specific report tailored to your clinic however, then there will be a (relatively) small charge. Please see our website ( for more information.


    Iv downloaded a report from the website you provided and the report did not import because the extension was wrong i think.

    what do i do?


    Most likely, Windows has changed the file extension from “.COv4_Report” to “.zip” for you. COv4_Report files are actually ZIP files so Windows sometimes tries to ‘help’ you by renaming the file extension to .ZIP and then opening it as an archive.

    To remedy this, when you click the file to download it, choose “SAVE AS…” and make sure the file has the correct extension (COv4_Report).

    If you have already downloaded the report and it has been saved as a ZIP file, then you need to rename the file extension. You may need to un-hide extensions first though :-
    [1] Open My Computer
    [2] Click Tools | Folder Options
    [3] Click the View tab
    [4] Untick the box called “Hide extensions for known types”
    [5] Click OK

    You should now be able to rename the file to xxx.COv4_Report file, instead of

    Whichever you way you do it, once you have renamed the report file with the correct COv4_Report extension, you will be able to import it into ClinicOffice without problem.


    Hi, Thanks for your reply, however the report i downloaded has an extension of .record i am using windows vista.

    Another question,

    How do i add in the invoicing insurance company a field that i have added into the patients medical info eg. date of injury.




    the report i downloaded has an extension of .record

    That’s because you have opened the report as a ZIP file and extracted the .RECORD file out of it. Please download the file again and follow the instructions from my previous post.

    How do i add in the invoicing insurance company a field that i have added into the patients medical info eg. date of injury.

    That depends. Have you added it as a custom field? Also, which report are you trying to add it to? If you’re trying to add custom fields to the form designer then this is something that it would probably best if we helped with via remote support. Have you taken out any support with us? More information on our Support Plan can be found here :-

    If you have support, then please contact our help-desk and we’ll be happy to do this for you.


    Thank you,

    I will definately look at the joining for support until i get the hang of this.


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