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    [Click here to download Report & Document Templates for ClinicOffice 2005]

    Q. How do I download and import these templates?

      [1] Launch ClinicOffice 2005
      [2] Logon to your database
      [3] Click the link at the top of this message to see the latest templates, then click on whichever report(s) you want
      [4] After clicking a report, click SAVE to save the report file to your hard disk (your desktop is as good a place as any)
      [5] In ClinicOffice, go to Reports & Templates
      [6] Click “Import Report…” (under the Common Actions section in the side panel)
      [7] Select the report file(s) which you downloaded earlier

      *IMPORTANT* You may be asked about overwriting existing reports. This happens when importing a report which already exists in your database. If you want to accept the new report and you don’t need to keep the one in your database, click YES to overwrite it. If however you want to keep the one that is in your database (perhaps because you have modified it), then click NO to have ClinicOffice rename the new report before importing it.

    Once the import is finished, click Report & Templates to view the new templates. Note that new templates will be put in the template category. You can drag/drop them in to the category of your choice.

    Q. What if I have accidentally deleted or overwritten some reports that I wanted to keep?

    Hopefully you have been taking regular backups of your database?! :-k Reports are actually stored in your database, so restoring from a backup will also restore your reports.

    Q. I still don’t see a report that I need – what do I do?

    Please post a new topic in this forum with a detailed description of the report that you want. If it is pretty ‘generic’ and we deem that it will be useful to other users, then we’ll do it for you without charge and post it here. If it’s a more specific report tailored to your clinic however, then there will be a (relatively) small charge. Please see our website ( for more information.

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