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    We’ve updated ClinicOffice and noticed that there is a new SMS Messaging system.

    Unfortunately, we got a bit too excited and switched over to the new SMS system, before realising that we still had over a 1,000 credits to use up on our old TextAnywhere account!

    How do we revert back to using TextAnywhere for the time being please?

    Pioneer Software

    Hi – thanks for your question. Please follow these instructions to revert back to TextAnywhere…

    1. Log on to ClinicOffice as an Administrator (aka ‘Supervisor’)
    2. Go to the TOOLS tab (at the top), then click Advanced DB Operation
    3. Delete any text present in this window
    4. Copy and paste the text below into the “Advanced Database Operation” window :-

    delete from setting where section='PioneerSMS'

    Lastly click the EXECUTE button and then you must log off ClinicOffice and then log back on again.

    This will revert you back to your previous TextAnywhere configuration!  🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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