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    This post is to let you know about a change which has been introduced in update 1071.

    Appointment Recurrence

    The Recurring Appointment facility has been removed as of build 1072 and replaced with the ability to Block Copy appointments instead (see further down for more info on Block Copying).

    Why? Well it’s principally for technical reasons. Here’s a detailed explanation which you can skip past if you’re not interested…
    @Detailed Explanation wrote:

    Although a ‘recurring appointment’ may appear many times in a diary, it is in fact only ONE record in the database, which is displayed on multiple dates. It was implemented this way to maintain consistency with Microsoft Outlook so that customers could synchronize ClinicOffice with their Outlook diary. The problem with this kind of recurrence is that it doesn’t lend itself to ClinicOffice. Users were often trying to use a recurring appointment (e.g. ‘recur every 1 month for 3 times’) to book a ‘treatment plan’. This didn’t work because it’s only ONE appointment and a single appointment can’t have multiple session notes allocated to it. This made it all a bit counter-intuitive.

    Q. What will happen to my recurring appointments?
    They will be converted to normal appointments. The only thing to note is that recurring appointments with NO END DATE (i.e. they recur infinitely) are capped at 2 years. Obviously it’s not possible to create an infinite number of appointment records stretching on to all eternity!

    Q. What about recurring appointments in Outlook – how will they sync?
    They won’t. ClinicOffice will simply ignore recurring appointments from now on. You can still keep recurring appointments in your Outlook Calendar but they won’t be imported into ClinicOffice.

    Block Copying Appointments

    The “Block Copy” facility replaces the previous ‘recur appointment’ feature. Please take a look in the user guide for detailed instructions.

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