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    I would like to set up some invoices which have a total amount of for example £200 with £150 being a scan and £ 50 a report but the two amounts are paid to different staff members, can this be done or do I have to keep putting through seperate invoices? 😕


    Hi – thanks for your post.

    I’m not too sure what you mean by ‘reporting an invoice amount to different staff members’? If you’re referring to the staff field on the invoice, then you’re correct that each invoice can only be allocted to one staff member, so in that case, yes you would have to raise two separate invoices.

    An alternative to this would be to have a custom report done which could be hard-coded with items in your database and could therefore report amounts from specific items to specific staff members. If you want us to do that for you, then please email us a detailed mockup of the report that require with a full specification (i.e. details of which items go to which staff members) and then we can provide a quote depending on how much work is involved.


    Obviously not made myself clear, but I think you answered anyway. Just wanted to raise an invoice for a thermoscan, which needs to be split into 3 seperate components

    1. Exam £75 – money to Dr performing exam
    2. Scan £ price can vary depending on which scan done – money to Dr performing scan
    3. Report on scan £ money to Clinic owner

    I can raise one invoice with 1 & 2 on it very easily if money going to the same doctor but have to raise a second invoice for step 3, it would be easier if one invoice could have money going to different staff members, but looks like that is not possible. Maybe a drop down box of staff members for each line of the invoice would be a thought for the future.


    >> Maybe a drop down box of staff members for each line
    >> of the invoice would be a thought for the future.

    Thanks for the suggestion. The “Staff to Invoices” relationship is a one-to-one relationship i.e. one staff member is assigned to each invoice.

    To change this would be a MAJOR undertaking. We would have to change the database structure, update hundreds of customer’s databases, then re-write ALL of the financial reports that are currently based on the 1-to-1 relationship. Many of our customers write their own reports (or customise existing ones). These cannot be updated automatically (since they’re bespoke) so this change would break every custom report out there, of which there are hundreds. We would then have to contact EVERY ClinicOffice customer individually to manually update any custom financial report to understand the changed database structure.

    For the above reasons, I’m afraid that it’s unlikely we’re going to be able to implement this for you. 🙁



    If i could my 2 cents worth in…

    I used to pay my staff as a % of the turnover they brought in…

    Therefore, if they 100 pts at $1 or 1 pt $100 they would get paid the same.

    The we do it is to have a code for each physio…

    e.g. ABC Initial Ax and XYZ Initial Ax

    Then when you run the report, you can do it by the item codes and still get the info you are seeking – which doctor gets the money etc…

    I hope that helps 🙂 Cheers!


    That is correct alophysio. To achieve this, you could use the following two reports :-

    Invoiced Items & Services by Staff (Detailed)
    Invoiced Items & Services by Staff (Summary)

    Hope this helps!

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