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    I have a clinic with treatment rooms for different disciplines (massage, psychology, chiropractic…etc)
    each managed with clinicoffice (each registered as different staff members working for different clinics).

    1 of the practitioners has left our practice taking his “clinic” with him.

    How do I safely remove him and his practice from Clinicoffice.
    I would like to keep the historical appointments and payments that have already been taken in place, but remove the practitioner and clinic as an option when booking appts.

    FYIO. I have already deleted this practitioner, and realised that his patients now have DELETED practitioner name on their records and cannot reinstate him because his username is already taken.


    Hi – thanks for your post.

    Yes you can delete clinics and/or patients/practitioners. Please see this FAQ for more information :-

    When you delete a practitioner, their name is tagged with “DELETED” which is correct behaviour. If you wish to re-instate that practitioner and there is a conflicting username, then you’ll need to update the other record who has the conflicting name.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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