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    Recently I am sending my clients a confirmation of changes in the status of the appointment. This is most conveniant through the ‘send reminder’ section of your software. Therefore, after changing the appointment to ‘cancelled’, I go to ‘send reminder’ then look for the notification that informs my client about the new status, and ‘send’.
    Maybe it is easy to implement some code that asks me to inform the client about the change? Or, ‘always inform client after status change’. Or, ‘always when an appointment goes to cancelled, send out a confirmation’.
    But maybe this is hard to implement, and then it is not worth it, because it allready works great – just like all the rest of clinicoffice 🙂


    Thanks Roelof – it’s not a bad idea to be able to notify patients about a change of status… however it wouldn’t always be appropriate – for example once they’ve attended and it’s set to “Complete” you probably don’t want to tell them! Hence there would have to be some way of knowing which statuses to report and which ones not to.

    We’ll add it to the wish-list.


    would this be possible with the scripting module?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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