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    Following a recent update released by Kaspersky for their AntiVirus software, the Proactive Defense feature seems to now be blocking the database engine in the Startup and Professional editions of ClinicOffice.

    ❓ TECHNICAL EXPLANATION: The specific problem is that “Proactive Defense” is stopping the ClinicOffice database engine from creating and accessing temporary files in the current user’s TEMPORARY FILE location, which is a bit ridiculous frankly as that’s exactly what the TEMP folder is for!

    The easiest workaround (until Kaspersky address this) is simply to disable the “Proactive Defense” feature as shown below :-

    (NOTE: This does NOT disable your Kaspersky AntiVirus which is a separate component, so you are still protected even when this is disabled.)

    As an alternative, it may be possible to tell Kaspersky that ClinicOffice is a trusted application, in which case it should allow the database engine to work correctly. Here are some instructions from Kaspersky’s website :-

    We say may be possible’ because we tried this ourselves and the problem still persisted even though ClinicOffice was a “trusted application”, so most likely the best option is to disable the Proactive Defense.

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