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    In contact centre we have set up a reminder email to go out 7 days before an appointment. However, if the appointment is made at short notice, this reminder email does not go out automatically, it needs to be manually sent. Is there any way of setting up the contact emails so that such late additions get sent the same emails automatically?




    Hi, I am a user, not staff…

    I was thinking that if you just ran a rule daily and had the settings to “Do not send if reminder already sent” then it should pick ones who have not had a reminder and send the email.

    Also, it is email…If we sent our reminders a week early, we would have only a handful that would remember…we send reminders on the day and the day before…email is cheap and free!



    Alophysio is correct. Please try the following :-

    – Create a copy of your “7 day rule”
    – Rename the new “Copy of 7 day rule” to “1 day rule” (or something similar)
    – Change the “1 day rule” setting as follows :-
    “Send a reminder 1 day(s) before the appointment”

    – Make sure that both rules have the option :-
    Send this reminder even if one has already been sent = NO

    – Lastly set the “1 day rule” to run automatically every day

    These two rules will work together so that if an appointment is pre-booked 7 days in advance, the “7 day rule” will catch it and send an email, while the “1 day rule” will send reminders for those booked at shorter notice.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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