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    whilst testing today, one of the patients in the diary had an icon show up in the diary which looked like a red circle with a light grey base – kind of like a red crystal ball.

    What was it?

    It went away after i did some transaction testing.



    Most likely it was indicating a CANCELLED appointment status (red circle with white cross in it).


    nah, i know that one…it honestly looked like a red crystal ball sitting on a tiny mount.

    The symbols that i know in the diary view are:
    1. Reminder envelope
    2. Invoiced – 3 colours – fully paid (green), part-paid (yellow) and unpaid (red)
    3. All flags for patient and appointments
    4. Cancelled icon – if you have kept cancelled appointments showing

    any others?


    There are no others that we know of – sorry! 😕


    I think there is also a session notes icon…

    i am wondering if you use a module for the diary…perhaps it was a default icon and it hadn’t automatically changed the icon to the ones you specify…

    haven’t seen it since…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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