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    Hi am running into the next question:

    1st: New clients can book a new appt. after they have registered online in my clinic.
    2nd: I can assign a login for existing clients.

    Now what about existing clients without a login? When they would like to book an appt. online; do they have to contact me first? Or can they somehow automatically apply for a login, without me involved?


    Hi there Roelof,

    The best thing for existing clients is if they contacted you and expressed an interest in booking their appointments online. Then you would open up their patient record and click the Assign Online Login button at the top (just above the Documents Tab).

    A new window will appear. You then need to click the Enable Online Access for button and then generate a username and password. The username by default will use the Patients email address.

    From there you can then email the login details or send them via SMS. This also allows you to keep in control of who books appointments online.

    I hope this helps!


    Hi and thanks!

    This is the procedure that I am following. It makes though, that the new-registered patients have an advantage over the existing patients. Namely, that they can book online straight away.
    Also, this could result in that existing clients are going to register themself again, since they want to book online, without me interfering.

    How do you think about this?


    Hi Roelof,

    Thanks for your queries/suggestions. I’ve passed them on to the development team to consider. Thanks again!


    There is another thing to consider:

    My CO basic settings: I work in clinic A on tuesdaymorning from 9 to 12

    I have made an appt in clinic B on tuesdaymorning from 9 to 12 (practitioner is myself). The reason is that I want to block this morning for online-appontments.

    With these settings I will still be bookable in Clinic A on tuesday-morning. But my calendar says that I will be in clinic B. So I won’t be able to accept a booking in Clinic A.

    Am I mistaking?


    Hi Roelof,

    Sorry I am confused.

    If you have 2 clinics within your database, wouldn’t it be easier to just change your working hours? I.e – Tuesday morning 9-12 is set for Clinic A and Clinic B has no working hours for that time?

    You can do this by logging into your Online Diary, clicking the MORE link and select SET MY WORKING HOURS.

    Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need anything else 🙂


    Of course, and that should be the way to go. But I decided to block a time last minute and then this is what I encountered. The program should have known that I had an appointment set in another clinic. Weird of course, but don’t you think that this appointment should overrule the times set in CO?

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