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    Two questions:

    Optimising Speed of Clinic Office 2005

    Any tips for optimising the speed of Clinic Office 2005? I have found it great but it seems to be running a lot more slowly than Clinic Office XP. My computer appears to be really “labouring” to run the programme.

    Deleting Update Files?

    When I download an update file and run it, can I then delete the executable file that I downloaded or do I have to leave it saved on the computer? Do I have to keep the original executable file on the computer as well (first version of Clinic Office 2005 I downloaded)?



    Hi Claire,

    Firstly, please make sure that you are running the latest build of ClinicOffice 2005. With each update we do our best to increase the performance of ClinicOffice.

    If your computer seems to be ‘labouring’ it can one of a number of things…

    If it’s more than a couple of years old, it might be below the recommended system requirements. If you send us an email from within ClinicOffice (click Help | Email Support) then that will give us some information about your hardware and we can let you know.

    Often the key factor is your available memory – we recommend a minumum of 512mb memory. If you have less (e.g. 256mb) then the system will have to access the hard disk a lot more frequently.

    Also, have you run a disk defragmentation recently? A fragmented hard disk will ‘labour’ and reduce performance significantly. It’s a good idea to make sure that your hard disk is regularly defragmented (probably every couple weeks or so).

    With regard to deleting update files – yes you can safely delete these after downloading and running them. Updates are ‘cumulative’ too, so if you ever had to re-install from your original CD, you would only need to apply the latest update to bring your installation fully up-to-date.

    Hope this helps!


    Thanks for that.

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