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    Paul Frishert

    In the diary options I have unchecked the option “Show cancelled appointments”.
    When I do a sync to Outlook, the cancelled appointments are synced.
    Is there an option, which I haven’t found until now, where I can prohibit the sync of cancelled appointments to Outlook?


    Thanks for the post. I am afraid there is no option to do this. The reason is that when you do an Outlook Synchronisation it synchronises ALL data on the Appointment Diary regardless of the appointment status. If we where to exclude cancelled appointments, then you could run into a situation where all cancelled appointments end up being removed from the ClinicOffice diary as well.

    Imagine the following scenario :-
    You exclude cancelled appointments from the export synchronization, so that all appointments (apart from the cancelled) are exported to Outlook. You then make lots of changes to the Outlook Diary and decide to import those changes back into ClinicOffice, giving Outlook the ability to remove appointments from ClinicOffice which do not exist in Outlook. Outlook contains no record of the cancelled appointments and so when all appointments are imported back, the cancelled are deleted because no record of them exists in the Outlook Diary.

    Hope this helps to explain the complications involved.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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