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    We are a teaching Clinic and so use anonymised patent data for clincal research purposes.

    The assumption is that if you come to a research based teaching clinic you sutomatically give consent to the use of your anonymysed data.

    Our Ethics committee have recently reviewed this assumption. They are happy for it to continue providing patients are given the option to opt out.

    Now in the standard patient details there is a tick box to record that a patient has given consent to be treated. It is blank for all our patients.

    So we could co-opt the use of this box. But it is in effect the wrong way round for us requiring a record for those who give consent. Is there a way a setting the record for all existing pateient to “yes”?

    Or is there and easy way to reverse this to a non consent?

    Or we could bespoke a new bolean field for research consent. This would be set to yes as default and to no when a patient opts out. We would of course need to be able to exclude these opt out patients from research extract reports.

    We are not sure which option is easier?

    Tony Tayloe
    ESO MAidstone


    Hi Tony,

    To set all the current records “CONSENT” field to TRUE, please follow these steps :-

    [1] Make sure you are logged on to ClinicOffice as an administrator
    [2] Click TOOLS | Advanced DB Operation
    [3] Enter the following SQL code :-

    update per set consent=true where ispatient=true
    [4] Click the EXECUTE button

    Obviously, this will only affect the records that are already in the database, it won’t affect those which are created in the future.

    As regards setting the CONSENT field to TRUE by default, this can be achieved via the scripting module which I notice you have already purchased.


    Thanks William this is working finr

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