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    We have Clinic office version 4 1079. Up until a few weeks ago the patient info tab was beside the contact centre tab at the foot of the page. When we clicked on this it would bring up the patient info. Now this tab is still there but when you click on it no patient info appears. We also now have a patient info button at the top of the page beside the refresh button. However this also isn’t showing any info. From reading the forum I understand that this is a new addition to clinic office version 5, but we are version 4? Please can you explain the steps I need to take to get this information back again. And can you confirm if we will have access to this new patient info page.


    Hi Kirsty. You may recall that we sent you a link to install a custom development build of COv4 to address a specific issue you were having, hence this is not a general problem with COv4 update 1079, but rather an issue with your custom build.

    We have rebuilt the installer for your custom version of COv4. Please download and install this update here to resolve the problem :-

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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