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    I’m trying to put together a report to print and give to patients whenever a patient enters my clinic. I see something similar in the private hospital in which I work and I think something similar in my clinic would work well too. In the private hospital, patient details are printed and the patient is asked to check the details and sign at the bottom to confirm the details are correct (probably for DPA purposes). I would probably call this a “Registration Form” or something similar.

    I was looking for something similar in ClinicOffice but suspect this is something I’m going to have to make myself. I would need the following fields:

    title, name, address, date of birth, tel (home), tel (mobile), email, GP name, GP address, and perhaps some other basic information seen on the full patient record form when opened on the screen. I would also want to put a few questions into the “registration form” (eg tick if you are interested in some of the other services that we offer, how did you find out about us, can we add you to our email newsletter to tell you about our latest offers, etc)

    Is there a template that I can modify to make such a report? if not, is it something I can do easily enough, bearing in mind I cannot find an existing report to copy and modify as no current report seems to include all this information.


    Why not simply print out the Patient Editor screen? To do this, click the PRINT button and then click PRINT THIS SCREEN on the Patient Editor.

    You may need to adjust the Print Preview settings, for example, clicking MARGINS and selecting Narrow tends to look better, and you can also click SCALE and then selecting “Fit to 1 page(s) wide” tends to make it look better.


    I do print out the patient editor screen at the moment, but I would really like more information on what gets printed (eg are you interested in any of the following procedures:…….) and also, it produces information that I don’t want the patient to see (eg insurance company details when these aren’t relevant to my cosmetic surgery practice). Finally, I think the font is too small for some of my patients 😀

    So, yes I do print the form as it is and that works well for me, but I’m looking for an improvement (if I may call it that!)


    Please follow these instructions :-

    [1] Click Reports & Templates
    [2] Click New Report | Layout Report
    [3] Enter a name for the report (e.g. “Patient Registration”)
    [4] Click the SQL Source tab, then click “Copy the source data from another report…” and choose “Patients | Patient List”
    [5] Click the Options tab and copy/paste the following code underneath the options which are already specified :-


    (This step makes the new report visible on the Patient Editor screen.)
    [6] Click OK

    Your new report has now been created, and ClinicOffice will now bring up the Report Designer for the new report. To get you started designing the report :-

    [1] Click Design with Wizard (click YES to confirm)
    [2] Choose “Standard Report” (click NEXT)
    [3] Select the fields you wish to show in the report (click NEXT)
    [4] Select any grouping you want, although this is not relevant for this report so click NEXT
    [5] Choose the layout options (click NEXT)
    [6] Choose a style (click NEXT)
    [7] Enter a title for the report (click FINISH)

    You can now edit the layout of this report by using simple drag-and-drop to move elements round. You can also add new report elements such as images, shapes, lines, text boxes, additional fields etc. etc.

    When you have finished editing the report, click SAVE and then close the Report Designer.

    After initially creating the report, you may need to log off and log on again in order to see the report listed under the Patient Editor PRINT menu.

    You can always edit the report further by going to Reports & Templates and right-clicking on your report then clicking “Design Report”.


    that’s perfect – many thanks

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