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    Hi all,

    I asked about this a while ago but still can’t get it to work.

    We print out a copy of the days diary every day for the chiropractors to work from. Some days run from 8 till 8 and we work to 15 min slots.

    The diary print preview defaults……(every time!) to 20 min slots when you try and print it. In order to get it to 15 min slots I have to manually adjust the font sizes to 9 and 6 respectively (every time!). The max I can acheive is 8am till 7pm. a 12 hour day has proved impossible to print with 15 min slots on a sheet of A4.

    This is costing me a fortune in ink with receptionists printing multiple diaries each day.

    Can I reset the defaults so that it always knows that I want to print the diary out as it actually looks on the screen. Can I print a 12 hour day with 15 min slots on a sheet of A4.



    Hi Simon,

    In build 1048 (to be released later this week) the Diary module will remember and recall your previous font settings when printing the Diary.

    We’re aware of some limitations in the Diary Printing functionality, principly the problem is that the diary component always forces the diary to print to a SINGLE page which is why it sometimes changes the intervals in an attempt to make it fit.

    Can I print a 12 hour day with 15 min slots on a sheet of A4.

    We’re working with the developers of the Diary component to see if they can improve this functionality, however it’s unlikely your going to acheive this in a satisfactory manner.

    An A4 sheet of paper is 29.7cm – let’s say 27cm of that is the printable are. Allowing 3cm for the column headers and the ‘ALL DAY’ appointment slots at the top leaves 24cm. You’re asking for 12 hours with 4 slots per hour = 48 slots 0.5cm per slot. I’m sure you can see why this is likely to be unfeasible.


    thanks for that,…..fingers crossed for the update.

    However I have in my hand a 12 hour day print out on A4 from when we ran XP. It looks fine, and you can read all the names and everything! 🙂

    (all our chiros are young though….with good eyesight…..!)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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