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    Hello CO support team,

    I’m using COv4 client-server version; I’m very satisfied with the speed of accessing the database, but the speed of -the preview documents- is very slow (takes about 20-25 secs); after that the quick print takes about 10-15 secs. (normally with other documents <9 secs)(more than 30 secs to print a documents is too long)

    This is occurs when i’m logging in (lokal wired network) with my vista notebook to my server.
    When I’m working directly from my server the speed much better. How can I improve the speed ?

    regards Maarten


    Hi Maarten,

    It’s pretty hard to say what would cause print spooling (the process of sending documents to a printer) to be slow over your network – it could be many things. I would suggest downloading the latest printer drivers on your networked PC to see if that helps.

    Also – how big are the documents you’re printing? Are they 1 page or several or lots of pages? The bigger the document, the longer it will take to print. Also – do you have a network printer? i.e. is it wired into your server and ‘shared’ to the other computers, or is it a network printer plugged directly into the network switch? The latter will be faster, whereas a shared printer is also at the mercy of how busy your server is.

    As you can see there are many factors to consider, but I hope this helps somewhat.


    [*** UPDATE ***]

    After connecting in remotely to the customers computer, it turned out that he had a couple of printer drivers installed for printers which he no longer used and were not attached to his computer or network. Deleting these printers resolved the problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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